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RPVB Chair Tina Mapes (right) and Candidate for Congress Scott Taylor

RPVB Chair Tina Mapes (right) and Candidate for Congress Scott Taylor

We are glad you stopped by and hope that you find our website informative and helpful. The Republican Party of Virginia Beach is a subordinate body of the Republican Party of Virginia and is organized to promote the election of Republican candidates who are candidates for partisan public office.

We also work to grow our party membership, educate potential voters about our party platform and to encourage every citizen to become active in their city, state and federal government as well to make their voice heard through the ballot box in every election.

In accordance with our By-Laws, the Republican Party of Virginia Beach does not endorse candidates for non-partisan elected offices such as the Virginia Beach School Board and Virginia Beach City Council.

Fighting for Our Nation’s Future

Over the past eight years, the Republican Party has stood against fiscally irresponsible policies, high taxes, Obama’s Executive Orders being treated as law and a job-killing agenda that has caused millions more of our fellow Americans fall into poverty.

Under the current administration:

  • The national debt has increased 116%,
  • Consumer prices have increased 12.4%,
  • Corporate profits have increased 166%,
  • Home ownership has decreased 3.4%,
  • Federal spending has increased 11%,
  • 10 documented terrorist attacks on U.S. soil by radicalized Muslims,
  • The President stated he “can’t change Immigration laws on (his) own“, then issued an Executive Order doing exactly that.
  • 47 million Americans living in poverty under President Obama, an increase of 22% over the previous administration.

Change We Could Have Done Without

According to the Census Bureau, this is the first time since 1965 that the poverty rate has remained above 15 percent for three straight years; since 2009, median household income in America has fallen 4.4 percent to $58,000 per year; median household income for black Americans has dropped nearly 11 percent to just $33,519. After five years of “recovery” under the Obama administration, a shocking 46.5 million Americans still live in poverty. Source: US News & World Reports, January 15th, 2014
Roughly one in seven people in the United States rely on food banks or other charitable organizations for basic nutrition, according to a new study by the nonprofit Feeding America. That number includes 25 percent of active military families, and an increased number of adult college students. Source: P.B.S. August 18th, 2014
“While the nation’s wealthiest reap the benefits, America’s working class is left behind and face tremendous economic insecurity.” Source: Center for American Progress

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Learn About our History

The Republican Party has a long, proud history of standing up for others and for over 160 years, the Republican Party has stood for freedom, personal responsibility and equality for all.

Visit our Republican Party History section and find out the truth about what the Grand Old Party stands for and you might like what you see.

Attend Upcoming Events

Check out our event calendar for an up-to-date listing of all of the meeting and campaign events going on in or around your neighborhood and make sure to invite a friend to come along. Our meetings are open to the public and we invite you to come and participate, learn for yourself what the Republican Party is all about and join our organization.

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