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Founded in 1964, the Republican Party of Virginia Beach is a subordinate body of the Republican Party of Virginia and is organized to promote the election of Republican candidates who are running for partisan public office. When our party unit was founded, there weren't too many Republican voters in Virginia Beach and over the years, we have worked to turn Virginia Beach red!

We also work to grow our party membership, educate potential voters about our party platform and encourage every citizen to become active in their city, state and federal government as well to make their voice heard through the ballot box in every election.

Membership in our party is open to any Virginia Beach resident that agrees with and will actively promote Republican values in their community while working to help elect our candidates. We have many volunteer opportunities that can help you become an active leader in your community.

In accordance with our By-Laws, the Republican Party of Virginia Beach does not endorse candidates for non-partisan elected offices such as the Virginia Beach School Board and Virginia Beach City Council.

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