Joining the Republican Party of Virginia Beach leads to Republican victories in November.   Joining the Republican Party connects you to our local network of elected officials, activists and political activities like no other source.

We have a year-round headquarters to help get Republican candidates elected, and your membership helps that effort.

Our Republican volunteers field phone calls from the general public, provide voter information as well as giving our candidates and campaigns a central location to distribute campaign material, yard signs, bumper stickers as well as affording our Republican clubs and organizations a venue to gather and hold their meetings in an open, welcoming environment. The operation of our headquarters is the largest ongoing financial commitment our party makes to our community each and every month.

During the Republican primaries as well as the general elections, our Republican Party headquarters becomes a beehive of activity for our entire city where our members can coordinate our precinct staff, campaign supplies and conduct phone-banking operations in the evenings and on weekends.

Our party headquarters also provides a venue for “watch parties” during candidate debates or important speeches, continuing education classes or seminars for our members or, provide candidate a friendly venue to hold an intimate “meet and greet” with our local party members or interested voters.

The Republican Party of Virginia Beach has also served as a drop-off point for food drives held to support the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia in their fight against hunger in our community, helping the less fortunate among us.

Student Membership

Student Membership

Associate Membership

Associate Membership

Regular Membership

Regular Membership

120 Club Supports Our Headquarters

The Republican Party of Virginia Beach wouldn’t be the organization we are without our headquarters and our headquarters wouldn’t be possible without the sustaining support of our 120 Club members.

The dues of our 120 Club members ($120.00 per year) are exclusively dedicated to keeping our headquarters doors open and providing this valuable service to our candidates, elected officials and our community at large. 120 Club members have made a financial commitment to advancing the ideas of the Republican Party.

The members of the 120 Club are leaders in our community because recognize the importance of easy access for everyone, offering voters a touchstone for facts, resources as well as offering a place for our members to call their own where everyone is welcome.

120 Club Sponsor

120 Club Membership

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