email Tina Mapes– RPVB Chairman

email Bill Curtis– RPVB Vice Chairman

email Bill Brunke– RPVB Treasurer

email Susanne Henderson– RPVB Secretary

email Chelle Davis– Communications Chairman

email Jeff Marks– Parliamentarian

email Dennis Free– 2nd District Chairman

email Ginny Garcia-Administration Chairman

email Jeff Marks– Finance Chairman

email Mike Arlinsky– Membership Chairman

email Ann Garrett– Operations Chairman

email Bruce Meyer– Republican Professionals Network

email Andy Baan– Precinct Org Chairmen

email Bill Brunke– Campaign Liaison Chairman

email Dustin Rinehart– By-Laws Committee Chairman

email Del. Barry Knight– Candidate Recruitment Chairman

email Pat Cardwell– Resolutions Chair

email Joan Ryan– VFRW 2nd Cong. District Chairman

email Chelle Davis– 2nd District VFRW Rep

email Brian Kirwin– 120 Club Chairman

email Jimmy Wood– Young Republicans Chairman

email Steve Romine– General Counsel

email Del. Jason Miyares– Republican Elected Official

email Jeanne Baker– Nimmo Republican Women’s Club

email Jill Eyler– Beach Suburban Rep. Women’s Club

email Cindy Free– Princess Anne Rep. Women’s Club

email Dolly Mannix– Virginia Beach Rep. Women’s Club

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