RPVB Leadership

Republican Party of Virginia Beach Leaders, Officers & Committee Chairs

The Republican Party of Virginia Beach is made up of over 200 (and growing) dedicated members who care deeply about the direction of their city, state, and country. They are led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.

Board of Directors
Interested in a leadership role in your local Republican Party? Just contact the Chairman at chairman@rpvb.org. Interested in serving on one of the committees listed below? Just contact the chairman of the committee. We want your opinion and your involvement! This Party belongs to the members!

email Tina Mapes- RPVB Chairman excom2 boardmember

email Bill Curtis- Vice Chairman excom2 boardmember

email Clay Atkinson- RPVB Treasurer excom2 boardmember

email Susanne Henderson- RPVB Secretary excom2 boardmember

email Chelle Davis- Communications Chairman excom2 boardmember

email Jeff Marks- Parliamentarian excom2 boardmember

email Dennis Free- 2nd District Chairman AddLeadershipCommittee

email Ginny Garcia- Administration Chairman standingcommitteechair

email Jeff Marks- Finance Chairman standingcommitteechair

email Mike Arlinsky- Membership Chairman standingcommitteechair

email Ann Garrett- Operations Chairman standingcommitteechair

email Bruce Meyer- Republican Professionals Network AddLeadershipCommittee

email Bill Brunke- Precinct Chairmen standingcommitteechair

email Bill Brunke- Campaign Liaison Chairman standingcommitteechair

email Dustin Rinehart- By-Laws Committee Chairman specialcommittees

email Del. Barry Knight- Candidate Recruitment Chairman specialcommittees

email Jimmy Frost- New Media Chairman specialcommittees

email Vacent- Resolutions Chair specialcommittees boardmember

email Joan Ryan- VFRW 2nd Cong. District Chairman boardmember

email Dr. Kara Coe- Special Events Co-Chair specialcommittees

email Amber Vegas- Special Events Co-Chair specialcommittees

email Taylor Brunke- College Republicans Representative AddLeadershipCommittee

email Brian Kirwin- 120 Club Chairman specialcommittees

email Jimmy Wood- Young Republicans Chairman AddLeadershipCommittee

email Steve Romine- General Counsel AddLeadershipCommittee

email Del. Jason Miyares- Republican Elected Official boardmember

email Patricia Knight- Nimmo Republican Women's Club AddLeadershipCommittee

email Jill Eyler- Beach Suburban Rep. Women's Club AddLeadershipCommittee

email Cindy Free- Princess Anne Rep. Women's Club AddLeadershipCommittee

email Ann Abrams- Virginia Beach Rep. Women's Club AddLeadershipCommittee

Republican Clubs
In addition to membership in our City Committee, you can get involved with one or more of the affiliated Republican groups serving Virginia Beach. Guests are welcome at all of these organizations, so attend an upcoming meeting. Many of these organizations also submit their upcoming meetings or events for posting on our website.

Beach Suburban Republican Women's Club

11:30 am, 2nd Wednesday of each month Broad Bay Country Club in Virginia Beach
Contact: email Besty Nolan AddLeadershipCommittee

Nimmo Republican Women's Club

6:00 pm, 1st Monday of each month Black Angus Grille - Va Beach National Golf Course
Contact: email Dianne Paradis AddLeadershipCommittee
Website: www.nimmorepublicanwomen.org

Princess Anne Republican Women's Club

7:00 pm, 4th Monday of each month RPVB Headquarters 2955 Virginia Beach Blvd
Contact: email Glenda Fiscus AddLeadershipCommittee

Virginia Beach Republican Women's Club

11:00 am, 4th Tuesday of each month Princess Anne Country Club in Virginia Beach.
Contact: email Pam Gordon AddLeadershipCommittee

Virginia Federation of Republican Women

VFRW 2nd District Representative: email Joan Ryan AddLeadershipCommittee
Website: Virginia Federation of Republican Women

Republican Professionals Network

6:30pm usually on 3rd Monday Town Center City Club, 222 Central Park Ave.
Contact: email Bruce Meyer AddLeadershipCommittee
Website: http://www.RPNVA.com

Tusk & Trunk Club

Quarterly meetings with high-profile speakers Cost of meetings included in dues for members Meetings also open to non-members
Contact: Josh Canada

ODU College Republicans

Location: Old Dominion University
Contact: email Chelsi Klutch AddLeadershipCommittee

The 120 Club

No meetings, just support for our party! $120 annual dues keep our headquarters open!
Contact: email Gordie Ufkes specialcommittees

Virginia Beach Young Republicans

Networking opportunities for those under 40
Contact: email Christen Faatz AddLeadershipCommittee
Website: Virginia Beach Young Republicans

RPV 2nd State Central Committee Members
The Second Congressional District delegation to the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee consists of five members from across our district.

excom2 RPVB Executive Committee Member
boardmember RPVB Board of Directors Member
standingcommitteechair RPVB Standing Committee Member
AddLeadershipCommittee RPVB Leadership Committee Member
specialcommittees RPVB Special Committee Member
statecentralcommittee RPV State Central Committee Member



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