Down, but Never Out

Down, but Never Out

In 2009, the writer Scott H. Young said: “Humility is an asset for self-improvement. By remaining humble, you are receptive to opportunities to improve.“

Despite Election Day 2017 not turning out quite the way we hoped it would, the Republican Party of Virginia Beach is proud of how our candidates and their staff distinguished themselves in the arena of ideas and marvel at the performance of our party’s volunteers. Our party was never so motivated, never more united behind our candidates or focused on our goal more in recent memory than we were during this election cycle.

We believed that Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel, John Adams and our entire ticket of Republican candidates would have done an excellent job in guiding our commonwealth’s future, but alas, the voters decided otherwise, and we’re okay with that.

Election setbacks happen in the political arena and with each, we regroup, we learn lessons and apply those lessons in future campaigns. Even after a rough election day, all is not lost and our country goes on. Win or lose, we’re proud to be an active part of the election process because win or lose, we believe in it.

We also applaud the Virginia Beach Voter Registrar’s Office as once again, their herculean job was performed with ease and our city’s voters were able to cast their ballots in a peaceful election that is a testament to the wisdom of our founding fathers. In Virginia Beach, we truly are fortunate to have such a well-operated voter registrar’s office that assures our citizens can cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice in free and fair elections.

Our hat is also off to our numerous poll-watchers and poll-workers that staffed numerous precincts on election day. The weather wasn’t as warm or dry as many would have liked, but we appreciate the efforts of these dedicated patriots who took an active part in assuring that our election process worked exactly as intended. Despite our faults, the American election model is the envy of the world as our citizens exercise their will over their government.

Along with congratulating the candidates and their supporters that prevailed on November 7th 2017, we would also like to congratulate and thank each and every voter that came out on election day to make their voice heard in our Commonwealth. Without concerned citizens exercising their right to vote, our Republic and its system of government simply cannot work. Voters who inform themselves about the issues of concern and the stance of the candidates on these issues is essential to the success of our common goal – a more perfect union.

Rather than spending our energy obstructing the process of governing, our party will redouble our efforts to promote our platform of time-tested, conservative ideas based on personal responsibility, a free-market economy, a strong military to assure our nation’s safety and the rule of law within our nation, commonwealth and city. We will also carefully watch our elected leaders of both parties to assure that the rights and liberties of our citizens are not diminished, infringed upon or cast aside.

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