Come and Have Breakfast with the R.P.V.B.!

Come and Have Breakfast with the R.P.V.B.!

Good Food, Good Conversation, Great Speakers

As Americans, we can be rather opinionated, stubborn and may sometimes feel like the government never listens to anything we might have to say. Too often, we accuse elected leaders and government officials of “ignoring the voice of the people” when the truth of the matter is, the voice of the people can be thousands of different people with each of them demanding something different from government.
Some might want financial help from the government, some might want their street repaired, some might insist that we take care of the poor, sick and elderly better or, some might just want government to get off their backs and stop enforcing regulations that others might demand are imperative.

Then, there are the problems that every society has such as crime, education, transportation, water supplies, facilities construction, expansion or upkeep, miles of roadways to maintain and the thousands of people that work for the government that keep everything moving each day.

Then imagine you are the guy at the top of this complicated, never-ending tug-of-war for manpower and resources that has 11 different bosses who, in turn, answer to the voters every four years in the November elections.

City Manager Dave Hansen at RPVB Saturday Breakfast, Aug 5, 2017

In a nutshell, that’s the job of the Virginia Beach City Manager.

So, given the fact that the job of a City Manager can be fraught with non-stop headaches and calls in the middle of the night because something bad has happened, and the problem needs a solution from a guy who just woke up because his phone was ringing, we would like to thank Virginia Beach City Manager Dave Hansen for taking a couple hours out of his Saturday to visit with the Republican Party of Virginia Beach members at our weekly breakfast.

Some might liken giving a presentation to a group of Republicans on a Saturday morning to standing with the Spartans at the gates of Thermopylae or Daniel entering the lion’s den all alone. Our questions can be tough, direct and subject to some back and forth debate. Remember, anyone attending a weekly anything for a political party is usually a well-informed person engaged in politics or civics at a higher level than most.

Mr. Hansen gave a 45-minute presentation about a great many of the more pressing issues confronting Virginia Beach and, took questions from our attendees. To his credit, Mr. Hansen didn’t decline to answer any question and took each of them head-on. One of the subjects addressed was storm water management and flooding, which isn’t a Republican/Democrat, Right or Left issue as flood waters do not discriminate or play political favorites. If you missed this meeting, you really missed out.

Whether they are elected, appointed or hired, too many public officials these days take pains to avoid such interactions with their constituents, leaving only the media to tell the whole story in 30-second sound bites. Whether you agreed with Mr. Hansen or not, you certainly must give him credit for taking the time out of his schedule to meet with concerned citizens.
We applaud City Manager Hansen as well as Deputy City Manager Tom Lahey, Sheriff Ken Stolle and Treasurer John Atkinson as well as all of the other speakers who have come in recent weeks to speak to the members and guest at our Republican Party weekly breakfast meetings at Tubby’s Tavern, Great Neck.

This is the kind of person-to-person civic engagement that our founding fathers had in mind when they formed our union and is one of the reasons why Virginia Beach is such a wonderful place to live.

We invite you to attend one of our weekly breakfast meetings at Max & Erma’s at the DoubleTree. We hold them on Saturday morning each week (except on major holidays) and the doors open at 8:00am. There isn’t a “cover” charge or a minimum order. You can order a full breakfast or, simply have coffee and toast. You might find that we have some very informative speakers that will give insight to things that are happening in government you might not hear anywhere else. You might also find that our members and guests will be happy to welcome you.

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