Volunteer for Victory

Volunteer for Victory

What will YOU do?

The November 4th Elections are less than 6 weeks away and the question is, what will YOU do to help Scott Rigell win another term in the House of Representatives?

What will YOU do to help replace Mark Warner in the Senate with Ed Gillespie?

What will YOU do to help our Republican candidates for School Board and City Council win on election day?

Our founding fathers gave us this republic, now it is our job to keep it and that means the Republican Party of Virginia Beach needs your help.

We need volunteers to make phone calls, we need volunteers to canvass neighborhoods, we need volunteers to work the polls on election day and we need concerned citizens to put a campaign sign in their yard.

The things we do TODAY will translate to VOTES on election day.

Now is the time to step up, now is the time to get involved!

Visit our Volunteer page for more information on how you can join in and do YOUR part!

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